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@Nurcan asked:

I am interested in reducing my climate footprint and want to insulate my house. However it is expensive, so I dont know if doing that or investing in a heat pump?

13, March 2019 at 11:55

This depends on a number of parameters and there is unfortunately no general answer. Where is your house located? What kind of building envelop do you have today? What kind of windows do you have? What heating system do use currently? If you want to reduce your carbon footprint you also want to consider the embodied CO2 emissions of the insulation material (that is the energy and CO2 emissions that have been "invested" in order to produce the material). You also want to consider what happens with the insulation material at the end of its lifetime ~30 years from now, can it be recycled? In general I would say insulating your building with natural insulation materials makes a lot of sense as you will drastically reduce the number of days you need to use a heating system (depending where you live). If you want some more specific answers checkout www.caala.de and get in touch. Best regards, Philipp

Answered by @Philipp

18, March 2019 at 20:38